Does Hinge show up on Facebook?

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Does Hinge show up on Facebook? I’ve been on Hinge for a couple of weeks now, but it doesn’t seem like it shows up on my Facebook newsfeed. Is this normal? Lets find out

Hinge Dating App Review

Does Hinge show up on Facebook?

  • Yes, Hinge shows up on Facebook if you link it to your account.
  • This will allow you to see “friends” who are connected to your Facebook friends and have similar interests, wants, and needs.
  • It makes for a more diverse pool of possible matches to date with; because you won’t just be able to see people who use Hinge!

People Also Asked:

Hinge a fun dating app

Hinge dating is a fun and easy way to meet people. From the perfect first date, to finding a new love interest or your future partner – Hinge makes it easy for you to date with girls or guys that share your values. If you’re looking for input on how best to grow your app or improve the dating experience for Hinge users, go to

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Dating and hookups with Hinge

Hinge is for both dating and hookups. It offers a clean user experience and matches you with people who share interests, beliefs and lifestyles that match yours.

Hinge a good dating app

Hinge is a great dating app with a lot of people on it. The main problem is that at the beginning you get more matches than you need, but you are never completely sure that they match you because the feedback system only gives a binary result saying either yes or no.

Hinge for females

Hinge for females

For females, we’ve designed a product that’s just for you. With our detailed profile questions and photo filters, you can take control of your dating by showing the side of yourself that matters most to you. Try Hinge today.

Fake female profiles on Hinge

Some people are fake on all dating apps, but in my experience with Hinge, I’ve found that the ratio of real women to fake profiles is less than 10%

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Hinge better than Bumble

Bumble is a complicated dating app with millions of users. The rules are so confusing, that they need to have an entire help page dedicated to them. By contrast, Hinge offers simple, real-time messaging and has fewer rules than Bumble

Importance of location on Hinge

Importance of location on Hinge

Who you see on Hinge is based on your location, making the people you’re connected to more relevant and interesting.

Hinge premium fee

Hinge is $19.99 for a month. This creates a great balance between keeping the price low and enabling lots of opportunities to meet new people through our curated matches, member emails and introduction conversations.

One-night stands on Hinge

Hinge can help you get a little flirty with your friends, or if you’re feeling lonely and want to find someone new — but it is definitely not the place to go looking for one-night stands or flings. That said, if you want to meet new people, many Hinge users say it’s an easy way to find other singles in your area who are open about being single.

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Searching for someone on Hinge

If you want to search for someone on Hinge, you can only do it by looking through your matches one by one. It’s not possible for us to search for someone who has never liked or matched with you.

Hinge showing up on Facebook

Yes, Hinge shows up on Facebook! Simply link your Hinge account to your Hinge account for longer profiles and more transparency.

Matching with someone on Hinge

To match with someone on Hinge, you simply like them. If they like you back, your match is made, and the two of you can begin messaging each other. You can easily find someone to connect with by using our perfect algorithm.

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