Does Hinge really have a lot of active users?

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Have you ever wondered if Hinge is really the best app out there for meeting other singles? Most people think that most dating applications are so similar, but what if I told you Hinge was really doing something different than Tinder?

Hinge Dating App Review 👍🏼👎🏼

Does Hinge really have a lot of active users?

  • Yes, Hinge has 20 million users.
  • The majority of them are located in the US, but the app is also popular in Canada, Indonesia, and Australia.
  • Almost 1 million of its members pay for its premium services which makes them active users.

People Also Asked:

Hinge is not as famous as Tinder

While Hinge might not be as well-known as Tinder, it’s quite a similar experience. You create a profile and swipe through people that you might be interested in meeting. Unlike Tinder, however, it has a bit more of a social network feel to it and allows you to interact with your connections on a closer level than Tinder does.

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The success rate on Hinge

On Hinge, our match success rate is 77 percent. That means that out of every four dates, three will lead to a second date.

Quality over quantity

Hinge is a free dating app that partners with exclusive social networking sites to help you find the person of your dreams. Hinge is designed for quality interactions over quantity, with a more selective user base where you’ll only see people who are compatible with you.”

Bumble and Hinge popularity race

Bumble and Hinge popularity race

Bumble and Hinge have a close race on becoming the 2nd most popular dating app behind Tinder. Bumble was created by a female entrepreneur named Whitney Wolfe and was launched in October 2014. Hinge was created by Justin McLeod and launched in May 2013

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Percentage of male and female users

Hinge suggests that men are 61% of its users, while women are 39%.

Hinge might be worth to pay

Hinge can be a fun way to meet people, but not everyone wants to pay for dating apps. Only time will tell if Hinge is worth paying for, but it’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re struggling to find the right person on Tinder or Bumble, you may want to give Hinge a chance and see if it works out better!

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Using Hinge for cheating

Hinge is a dating app, which can mean any number of things. Some people think it’s for cheaters, others for those looking for a serious relationship. But what all Hinge users have in common is that they’re looking for real, long-term love.

Hinge is owned by Match Group

Hinge is owned by Match Group, with a combined user base of over 45 million people. That means that Tinder and all its apps belong to Match Group. You should know, however, that Hinge is a completely different kind of dating app than Tinder. With Hinge, the relationship starts on a friends-of-friends basis and you can only connect with people once they’ve liked you back.

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