Does Hinge have a web app?

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I’m sure you want to know this, so I’m going to break down the answer for you. Here you go: does Hinge have a web app or not?

Hinge Dating App Review 👍🏼👎🏼

Does Hinge have a web app?

  • The answer is no, There is no official web app for the Hinge dating app.
  • However, there are some alternative ways to use the Hinge app on your PC.
  • For example, you can cast your mobile screen to your PC and use the Hinge app. 
  • Another option is to try an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox Player on your PC which simply makes your PC an Android device.

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No web app for Hinge

Hinge does not have an official web app. You can use a compatible mobile emulator to run the Hinge app on your PC and enjoy it that way.

Log into Hinge on browser

You can log in to Hinge with a mobile browser, however, we recommend downloading the app for better performance.

Verification code

Your Hinge account can be verified through a mobile phone number. Once you enter your phone number, we will text a verification code to you. Enter the verification code in your app and you’re good to go!

Hinge is only on mobile

Hinge is only on mobile

Hinge is only available for Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t upgraded to a new device recently, check out our list of phones that are compatible with Hinge’s dating app.

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The most discreet dating app

Hinge is the most discreet dating app because it lets you focus on people you actually know, rather than those you don’t. It is your only way of staying in touch with the people in your life who matter to you and it’s a great way to meet people in your city.

Dealbreaker on Hinge

When you specify a dealbreaker on Hinge, you’ll see other users who prefer that trait instead of the criteria you specified. You can also choose whether or not to show your dealbreakers to others by tapping the “More” button in the grid view and then selecting “Privacy Settings.”

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Linking Facebook account

Link your Facebook account to Hinge so you can see friends on Facebook who also use Hinge. If someone has connected their Facebook account to their Hinge account, you’ll be able to see which of your friends are nearby in your list of people you may know.

Hinge profile

Your Hinge profile is a summary of your dating preferences, story and some basic statistics. It tells others what you’re looking for and gives others an idea of who you are, as well as a slice of your personality and interests. The only way to fill out this information is by answering the questions when they show up.

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