Does Hinge app show your Facebook friends?

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Ever wondered if Hinge app shows Facebook friends? Well, here I’ll explain both advantages and disadvantages of this dating app.

The dating app ‘Hinge’ links you with friends of Facebook friends

Does Hinge app show your Facebook friends?

  • Hinge doesn’t show your Facebook friends but it does take information from Facebook.
  • In addition to a handful of questions asked during sign-up, it also uses the information you have provided on your Facebook profile so you can get matched with people who share similar traits and interests.
  • Quite often, these will be people we already know in real life with whom we have mutual friends or interests that make us compatible.
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People Also Asked:

Hinge uses Facebook Info

Hinge profiles are anonymous and don’t post to Facebook. Hinge pulls information from Facebook and matches you with friends, coworkers and classmates who are also on the app.

Connecting Facebook to Hinge

You don’t have to connect your Facebook to Hinge—it’s optional. However, if you prefer to remain anonymous until you’re ready to reveal more information, we don’t recommend connecting your accounts.

Finding friends on Hinge

On Hinge, you may meet new friends. Only a small percentage of people who use dating apps also use them to meet new people. Hinge is no different.

Hinge connects to social media

Hinge connects to social media

Hinge connects to Facebook and Twitter to enhance your profile. By connecting, you can display social media photos on your dating profile.

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People I see on Hinge see me

People you see on Hinge will always be able to see you. The only information that they can’t see is your number and your name, unless you choose to connect with them.

Hinge aims relationships

Hinge is a dating app for finding relationships. It’s very similar to other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble but with a twist. You’ll fill out your profile, see other users close to you, and message them if you’re interested.

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Hinge decides who sees you

Hinge decides who sees you based on mutual friends, common interests and a combination of both. Once we match you up with someone, we’ll send you both each other’s profiles at the same time so neither of you have an unfair advantage. This ensures that connections are made between likeminded people.

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