Does deleting Life360 pause your location?

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Have you ever wondered if deleting Life360 will turn off your location? Life360 is an app available on many platforms that lets you share your location and can even be used as a family locater.

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Does deleting Life360 pause your location?

  • Yes, When you delete the Life360 app, your map stops updating and it will be stuck on your last known location. This means that no one will be able to see where you are.
  • However, deleting the app does not remove any of your previous location histories from Life360.
  • To remove this information from Life360 servers, you need to delete your account.

People Also Asked:

When Life360 is deleted

If you delete Life360, you’ll no longer be able to see the app on your phone or tablet, send or receive messages, or use location sharing or emergency services. You can also stop future payments to Life360 by contacting us and letting us know you’d like to unsubscribe. You will keep access to all of the information that’s already been stored in your account, but it will not be updated with any new information from this point forward.

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Deleting Life360 turns off location

 deleting Life360 does not turn off location. If you unlink your phone from Life360, it will be stuck to your last registered location (last used trip).

Get rid of Life360 without parents knowing

You can remove Life360 from your parent’s phone, but they’re still able to reach you through the app. To get rid of it, log in to your parent’s account and uninstall Life360.

Knowing if someone paused their location on Life360

Knowing if someone paused their location on Life360

To see if someone has paused their location on Life360, look for a “Location Paused” message below that person’s name.

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Faking location on Life360 IOS

To fake your location on the Life360 app on IOS, make sure that you have created the fake location through the iOS location settings.

When Life360 Cannot locate someone

When Life360 can’t locate someone, it usually means that they have a weak internet connection or no GPS connection. Try to reconnect with the person by manually locating them and then messaging them.

Telling if someone is on their phone on Life360

You can tell if someone is on their phone using Life360 by looking for the green dot. If the green dot disappears, it means that person is no longer using their phone and has likely walked away from it.

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Freezing location on iPhone

To freeze your location on Life360 iPhone, you must disable cellular data, background refresh, and motion & fitness in the Life360 app. To do so, go to Settings > Life360.

Life360 tracks when the phone is off

Life360 doesn’t track when your phone is off. Life360 needs your phone’s GPS location to be able to track both you and others in your Circle. If you are out of range of cell towers, then Life360 will not have your GPS location and therefore won’t be able to locate your friend or family member in real-time.

Life360 updates location

Life360 updates your location every 2 seconds, so you can always see where your loved ones are.

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