Does background app refresh need to be on for Life360?

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  • Yes, background app refresh needs to be turned on.
  • This allows the Life360 app to keep tracking you and your family and send you notification about circle members.
  • Turning background refresh off may cause problems with the Life360 app location services.

Why Should You Turn Off Background App Refresh iPhone or iPad Right Now!

People Also Asked:

Does Life360 use background app refresh?

Yes, Life360 does use background app refresh. Life360 can automatically update itself in the background and make sure that you always have the latest features and fixes.

How do I turn off Life360 without my parents knowing?

The easiest way to turn off Life360 is to turn background refresh off for this app. This will stop the app from running in the background and consuming data while you are doing other things.

Why is Life360 not updating?

Life360 not updating means that your phone is unable to find another user on the same family sharing plan, or the GPS-enabled app has not been opened in 7 days and needs to be reactivated. You can check with other family members if they see each other’s locations by opening Life360 on their phones and going through the reconnect process.

How often does Life360 update location?

How often does Life360 update location?

Life360 devices update their location every two minutes, which is about as often as possible without draining your phone battery. All other information such as driving activity and home/daycare status – is updated much less frequently.

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Does deleting Life360 pause your location?

No, deleting Life360 does not pause your location. It must be paused in Life360 or deleted through the app itself.

What happens if I turn off background refresh on Life360?

If you turn off background refresh and update, you will only be able to view your family members’ location when you open the app. By turning off background refresh and updating, your battery will last longer due to less power being used by the app.

How do I freeze my location on iPhone?

How do I freeze my location on iPhone?

To freeze your location on an iPhone, open the Settings app and go to Privacy. Then tap Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. Then tap each frequent location that you want to save and tap Freeze.

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Can Life360 see your texts?

No, Life360 does not see your texts. We only see the phone numbers of your family members and their current location.

How accurate is Life360’s location?

Life360’s location is accurate to within a few meters.

Why is my daughter’s Life360 not working?

If your daughter’s Life360 is not working, you’ll need to uninstall the app and reinstall it.

Why am I not getting notifications on Life360?

Make sure your Life360 app is on and open. Make sure you have notifications turned on for Life360 in your phone’s settings menu.

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How do you refresh the location on Life360?

To quickly refresh the location on Life360, tap the refresh button in the top of your screen.

What are the cons of Life360?

Life360 is great for Keeping an eye on your kids and loved ones, but there are a few cons to be aware of before signing up. First off, some people may be uncomfortable with monitoring family members or their employers.

Can Life360 see what you search?

Absolutely not. Life360 only monitors GPS data, location and speed of vehicles in a network. We do not track searches or use any other way to see what people are searching for on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

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