Does Alibaba accept discover card?

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  • Alibaba is a global site and has buyers and sellers all over the world.
  • For your convenience, the Alibaba financial system supports different cards.

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People Also Asked:

What payment methods does Alibaba accept?

Alibaba accept payments through credit card, debit cards, direct bank transfers and PayPal.

Why is Alibaba not accepting my card?

We’re sorry that you got into trouble. Unfortunately, the card you used is not listed on our payment settings page and is not supported by Alipay.

Can I pay with credit card on Alibaba?

Yes you can pay with credit card on Alibaba

Does Alibaba have cash on delivery?

Does Alibaba have cash on delivery?

Yes, you can pay in cash when you receive your order

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Is it safe to buy in Alibaba?

Yes, it’s safe to buy in Alibaba. Alibaba is the biggest online marketplace in the world and has the best reputation in China and has been around since 1999 so you know they are legitimate.

Are Alibaba prices real?

Alibaba prices are real because the company only has one party selling the item. This means that the price is the same across all sellers within Alibaba. If an item has a cheaper price than other sellers, it might be because that seller has lower prices across their store.

Why is AliExpress rejecting my payment?

Why is AliExpress rejecting my payment?

AliExpress may reject your payment if the card information you used is invalid, if your address is incorrect, or if there are any errors when entering your credit card details.

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How legit is AliExpress?

The legitimate side of AliExpress.

How do I verify my card on Alibaba?

To verify your card on Alibaba, follow these steps:1. Sign in to and click the payment icon2. Click “Verify Card”3. Enter your card details and click “submit”4. Done

Can a US citizen buy from Alibaba?

Can a US citizen buy from Alibaba?

Yes, any US citizen can buy from Alibaba. However, there are some limitations.


What currency is used on Alibaba?

The currency used on Alibaba is Chinese Yuan (CNY).

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Is Alibaba same as Alipay?

Yes. Alibaba and Alipay are the same company. Alibaba is the name of the parent company that owns Alipay.

Why is shipping so expensive on Alibaba?

It’s actually not all that bad. You can buy items from Alibaba with free shipping, but they are often slow to arrive and you may need to pay customs fees. The best option is to find a supplier who offers expedited shipping and pays the customs fees for you.

What is minimum order on Alibaba?

The minimum order on Alibaba is 10 pieces.

Is Alibaba bigger than Amazon?

Yes Alibaba is bigger than Amazon


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