Do you have to show your receipt at Walmart?

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As a regular Walmart customer, you might be wondering if you need to show your receipt. We all get forgetful sometimes when we’re Walmart shopping, perhaps because it’s often late at night, and the kids are tired so the big box store seems like the best option for anything you might need in a hurry. However, if you’ve ever wondered what exactly you’re supposed to say at checkout, then this article is for you!

Do You Have To Show Your Receipt?

Do you have to show your receipt at Walmart?

  • Yes, you do have to show your receipt at Walmart!
  • Most stores will accept any form of the receipt that you have or merchandise return.

Not showing your receipt at Walmart

If you don’t show your receipt at Walmart, they may not give you the correct change, or payment. If a cashier gives you less money than is shown on the receipt, they will not be able to fix the mistake–nor replace a lost receipt.

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Walmart wanting your receipt

Walmart customers can use their receipts to return items or exchange them for something else. A receipt is also useful if you want to get a price adjustment or register your product with the manufacturer for warranty purposes.

Returning items to Walmart without a receipt

You are able to return an item without a receipt if its price is less than $25. Items over $25 require a receipt to receive the refund in the form of a gift card. If you have a receipt and it has been more than 30 days since you bought your item then you can return it without any issues.

Walmart preventing theft at self checkout

Walmart preventing theft at self checkout

With self checkout you need to be careful with your wallet and purse. At Walmart’s self checkout, cameras are always watching your every move. If you are trying to steal something, it will be caught by these high-tech cameras that shoot video of every transaction

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Walmart knowing what you bought in-store

Walmart knows what you bought in-store because they have systems in place to track your activity. They have these systems for security purposes to ensure that your information is protected and no one else will know what you bought.

Items that Cannot be returned to Walmart

There are several items that cannot be returned to Walmart. These include, but are not limited to, opened or used food and household products; books, DVDs or CDs (unless damaged or defective); DVDs or CDs (unless damaged or defective); electronics with removed stickers on the packaging); opened or used electronic devices; opened software; not working electronic devices; toys and board games with missing parts; opened cellphones; opened car seats and baby carriers

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Walmart providing a copy of a receipt

Walmart can provide a copy of a receipt. Choose your receipt and add it to your cart for an instant price-match.

Walmart looking up receipt with debit card

You can look up a receipt with your debit card. In the event that you do not have the receipt, the Walmart Customer Service Representative can look up a transaction on the back of your debit card.

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