Do TikTok drafts take up storage?

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You’ve probably heard that Tik Tok video creators can create drafts with unlimited storage. But are your TikTok drafts taking up storage on your mobile device?


Do TikTok drafts take up storage?

  • Yes, TikTok drafts may take a big chunk of your phone’s storage.
  • Since you can save drafts even without posting, users can end up with quite a few drafts saved onto their device.
  • Take some time to go through these drafts and delete unnecessary videos so that you can maintain more space on your device.

People Also Asked:

Make TikTok take up less storage

You can save some storage on your device by deleting TikTok video drafts that have been saved on your device and never used.

TikTok uses a lot of storage

TikTok uses a lot of storage. Any app that allows you to edit, transforms and share your photos and videos will use lots of storage.

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Clearing cache on TikTok delete drafts

Clearing your cache on TikTok is different than clearing data. Clearing the cache will not affect your videos or drafts.

When someone clears the cache on TikTok

When someone clears the cache on TikTok

If you clear cache and data on TikTok, it will speed up the app and deletes unimportant things that slow down your phone.

 GB TikTok uses

TikTok can take more than 10 GB per month just by watching the videos. So be aware of the number of videos you have watched.

Size of TikTok app

The TikTok app is a little over 400 MB in size.

Free up storage on iPhone

Free up storage on iPhone

You can free up storage on your iPhone without deleting content. We recommend choosing the option to offload songs, movies, and TV shows that you’ve already saved on your device. This keeps your personal files and documents safely backed up in iCloud, while freeing up space on your phone.

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Things taking up storage on iPhone

On an iPhone, storage is used by apps, game data, photos and videos. If you have low storage on your iPhone or iPad, one of the quickest ways to free up space is to delete unused apps.

Deleting a draft on TikTok

You can delete a draft on TikTok app by going to the “Draft” section, tapping the pencil icon and then pressing the “Delete” option to remove it. 

It takes hours to use 1GB of data

It takes about 2 hour to use up 1GB of data on Tiktok. .

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Downloading TikTok

When you download TikTok data, you can save videos you’ve created or stored on your device so that you can watch them later if you don’t have an internet connection.

Where are TikTok drafts?

Your draft video will show up in a special folder at the top of your profile page once you’ve saved it. It’s right under your profile photo and new video filters.

Losing drafts on TikTok

Well, the bad news I’m afraid is that when you uninstall TikTok, your drafts are gone too. 

Backup TikTok drafts

Open the TikTok app and make a draft video. You can backup your draft to iCloud and use it next time whenever you want.

How To Free Up Storage On TikTok

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