Do Indians use

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  • Yes, Indians use
  • Badoo is actually ery common among Indians.
  • They use it not only for finding dates but also for finding new friends and even finding jobs.
  • Number of Badoo users in India is increasing by day.

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Is Badoo available in India?

Yes, Badoo is available in India. Just search for Badoo in the Play Store or App Store on your device or You can sign up for free at

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Can Badoo be trusted?

Yes, Badoo can be trusted. Badoo does not have any active threats on their profile. They are a safe bet for your personal information. 

Are Badoo profiles fake?

They do say that they will remove people who are fake accounts and those who are just trying to get you to use their services, but there is no way to know whether they actually do this.

Is Badoo popular in India?

Is Badoo popular in India?

The popularity of Badoo in India is difficult to gauge as the ranking of the app is not visible. However, based on trends and research Badoo is popular as a social media platform in India

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Is Badoo still popular?

Yes! Badoo is still popular. In fact, it is the best choice for those who want to make new friends and chat with local singles in their area.

Is Badoo good for dating?

With Badoo you can meet people in your area and start chatting quickly. Nowadays, it’s much easier to make new friends or date online.

Is Badoo popular in Asia?

Is Badoo popular in Asia?

Badoo is one of the most popular apps in Asia with more than 300 million active users across Europe, South America and Asia.

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How can I find an international boyfriend on Badoo?

 Upon opening the “Chat drop down menu”, you will notice a “find friends from anywhere” button on the top right. This section will allow you to look for international friends.

Does Badoo need location?

 They never store GPS coordinates, they do however store the exact location of your place of work or study. The reason for this is to only show distance-based results for other Badoo members who are near you.

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