Can’t upload photos to eBay from iPhone?

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Are you having problems uploading photos to eBay from your iPhone? The eBay app allows you to take a photo of any item and add it, but it’s also fairly easy to accidentally add multiple photos. I found that if I try and upload a second photo, the first one never gets uploaded. Here are 4 solutions that will help fix this problem.

Upload photos to eBay with IOS device

Can’t upload photos to eBay from iPhone?

  • If you try to upload photos to eBay from iPhone or other apple devices, but your photos can’t upload, the first thing you should check is the format of your photo.
  • Try changing your photo format to a readable one for all devices.
  • If this doesn’t work, restarting your photo may help too.
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People Also Asked:

Can’t add photos to eBay

You can’t add photos to eBay if they are not of sufficient quality. In order to share high-quality photos, make sure that they’re clear and show the actual item. It’s also important to have your photos in focus, with white space around the subject.”

Adding photos to eBay from iPhone

You can add photos to your listing straight from your phone. Simply open the listing page on your Ebay app, then click on the photo at the top of the page, and choose the picture file that you want to add to your listing. Once you’re done adding it, click “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Problem with Importing pictures from iPhone

To import pictures from your iPhone, we recommend changing the format of your photos to jpg and making sure they are resized to less than 10MB each. Most photos taken with phones are jpg, but just in case you’re using a different format, change it to jpg and see if that helps.

Putting photos onto eBay

Putting photos onto eBay

You can upload photos to an eBay listing from most mobile phones. You can also send photos to your computer to upload onto your computer and then into eBay.

Importance of Putting product photos on eBay

Images are the number one communication tool. Customers want to see what they’re buying, so put high quality product photos on eBay. Use images to tell your brand’s story and help people learn more about your items as well as what they’re looking at right now. 

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The size should eBay photos be

When uploading photos to eBay, please make sure they are between 1 x 1 px and no larger than 12,000 px.

Adding more than 12 photos on eBay

You can add a maximum of 12 photos in the eBay listing. If you have more than 12, then try to stitch them together with our eBay photo editor in just a few minutes!

eBay picture services

eBay Picture Services is a quick and simple method to add photographs to your listings. You can highlight your products with professional-quality images, making it easy for customers to browse and buy on eBay.

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