Can’t pay Hinge premium?

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A question has come up recently on the Hinge forum. Why can’t I pay for a hinge premium subscription?

Can You Get A Match On Hinge Without Paying?

Can’t pay Hinge premium?

  • You may use an iTunes or Google Play account to sign up for Hinge’s Preferred Membership.
  • The majority of popular credit and debit cards are accepted by Google Play and iTunes.
  • If you are having trouble with a particular card, we recommend checking your bank’s website for additional information on accepted payment types.

People Also Asked:

Hinge app is free

Hinge is a fresh take on dating. We’re building an app to make it easier for singles to meet and get offline. The Hinge app is free and always will be free, but you can upgrade to Hinge Premium to unlock more features right away.

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Using Hinge app without paying

Hinge is a dating app that is available for free, if you want to use Hinge without paying for it you can do so by using a different social media account. For example, if you don’t have Facebook or Instagram account but you have Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile then you can use that social media networks to log into Hinge.

Seeing who likes you on Hinge without paying

You can see the people who like you on Hinge without paying – but only if it’s mutual. If you and your match are both using the free version and have liked each other, then you’ll be able to see their profile!

Hinge monthly fee

Hinge monthly fee

Hinge is a subscription service that charges you $20 per month.

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Match on Hinge for free

You can! Try Hinge for free by matching with up to 100 people per day. And if you like them, you can connect with them and start messaging.

Hinge telling you when screenshot

There is no option in the app to tell you when someone has taken a screenshot.

Not getting enough likes on Hinge

If you’re not getting the number of likes on Hinge you want, it could just be that your profile isn’t showing up in other users’ matches. When you change your city, Hinge may not update right away to show you in matches with people elsewhere. To speed things up, check out our article on how to change your location on Hinge.

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Hinge digs attractiveness

Hinge knows that beauty is subjective, but we’re able to predict if you are attractive. All you have to do is upload a few pictures of your face and tell us how you describe yourself. Then, put your mind at ease by knowing how attractive Hinge thinks you are.

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