Can’t login to Shein?

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Shein, has long been one of my favorite clothing stores. Shein offers a wide range of clothing suitable for all types of people. Whether you like wearing the latest trends or dressing comfortably, Shein is an excellent platform to shop for clothes at super affordable prices. However, recently I can’t login to my Shein account and I need some help on how to fix it. If you are also unable to login and want help with fixing your Shein account from login page, then you’re in luck as I am going to share everything I know about how you can fix it.

How to Login to Shein Account | Shein App – Sign In 2021

Can’t login to Shein?

  • If you can’t login to Shein, make sure that you are first online or connected to Wi-fi.
  • We advise double-checking your login information if you’re having problems signing in to Shein since people occasionally provide incorrect information.
  • If your account has been flagged for security reasons, try again after a few days as they may have resumed access.
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People Also Asked:

Login problem with Shein

The first thing to check if you can’t login to Shein is the validity of your email address, your password and your login information. Make sure that you have typed it correctly and use a strong password that includes digits and upper-case letters. If you have forgotten your password, we can help create a new one for you.

Log in to the Shein account

To login, your username is your email address and your password is the 6-digit number located at the top of your Shein account email receipt.

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Recovering Shein account

To recover your Shein account, please send an email to [] with the following details: 1. Your mobile number 2. The reason you would like to recover your account 3. An image of your ID/Passport so we can verify your identity and help you out!

Changing email on Shein account

Changing email on Shein account

Yes! In order to change your email address, you need to contact SheIn Support via live chat or email. Please provide your Shein order number and new email address to ensure the email change is complete.

Deleting Shein account on the app

To delete your SHEIN account on the app, go to the Account section and tap on “Delete Account”. Then, accept all terms & conditions.

Shein suspend my account

If you receive a notification that your account has been suspended, it means there is something wrong with the information you provided when you signed up for Shein. You may not be able to shop or check out on Shein anymore until we fix it.

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If I forgot my Shein password

If you forgot your Shein password, you can send an email to, providing your email address and the last 4 digits of your order number used to purchase from us. A representative will be in touch within 24 hours with an email message containing instructions on how to reset your password.

Shein refunds money for lost packages

Sometimes packages get lost in transit and the customer is not able to track their order on time. In such cases, Shein does reimburse for lost shipments for a period of 45 days after purchase.

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