Can’t listen to my voice messages on telegram?

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If you’re unable to listen to your voice messages via telegram, don’t worry – I’m here to help! Check out the tips and tricks below.

How to Send Voice Telegram to What’s app

Can’t listen to my voice messages on telegram?

  • To listen to your voice messages on Telegram, you will first need to download them.
  • To do so, open the chat in which you have received voice messages in it.
  • Tap on the voice messages to be downloaded and then bring your phone to your ear (as if taking a phone call) to listen to new voice messages.
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People Also Asked:

Downloading Telegram audio

Open the conversation, or conversation window where the audio was sent to. Tap the ellipsis menu (in the top right corner) and choose Download Audio.

Downloading a voice message

In order to download a voice message, simply click on the play button to load it. You can then record your own voice message by clicking red Record button. 

Telegram recording saves 

Telegram recording saves your file directly to Telegram local storage as well as your mobile.

Telegram is not connected to WhatsApp

Telegram is not connected to WhatsApp

Telegram is not connected to WhatsApp or any other messaging app. Our team focuses on developing the best possible multi-platform secure messaging experience, while other developers are free to create however they see fit. In fact, we welcome the competition as it pushes us all forward.

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Copying a text from Telegram

To copy text in Telegram, first open the chat you want to copy text from. Next, long press on the message with your finger and then choose “Copy” from the menu.

Format of Telegram voice

Telegram voice messages are sent as OGG files.

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Need to back up Telegram

If your Telegram chats and media are crucial to you, it would be a good idea to back them up. You can do this by creating a Telegram backup using your phone or tablet’s files app or iCloud.

Telegram is safer than WhatsApp

Whatsapp has been accused of selling user information to governments while being accessed by a lot of users. However, Telegram is a secure messenger app that was created in 2013 and uses end-to-end encryption protocol which means that the content shared between two parties is not visible to anyone else.

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