Can’t leave feedback on eBay app?

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You can’t leave feedback on eBay app. But don’t worry, I’ll help you get the issue resolved.

How To Leave Feedback For Buyer On eBay

Can’t leave feedback on the eBay app?

  • To leave feedback for a seller, you must first create an account. Then, log in to your account and navigate to the eBay app.
  • Select Orders within the app (or Sold in My eBay for Sellers), and select Leave Comments after selecting the item(s).
  • Choose “Positive,” add a comment, and then click “Leave feedback.”

People Also Asked:

I cant leave feedback on eBay

You may not be able to leave feedback if you are in the middle of a transaction or if you and another eBay member haven’t completed all aspects of your transaction. You also can’t leave feedback until this member has left feedback for you.

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Leaving feedback on eBay app

You can leave feedback on the eBay app! To do this, you need to sign in to your account and navigate to My eBay.

The percentage of eBay buyers leave feedback

We know you’re looking for a reliable, simple and easy way to buy on eBay. That’s why 97% of eBay buyers leave feedback on their purchases.

Leaving negative feedback for a buyer

Leaving negative feedback for a buyer

If a buyer has not left positive feedback for you, it’s easy to leave negative feedback for the buyer. You may want to leave negative feedback if they didn’t pay on time, sent the wrong item, or if something got damaged in transit.

The amount of negative feedback on eBay

You are allowed to have a maximum of 20 negative feedbacks per year. If you have more than that, your hope is that most sellers ignore your feedback.

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Feedback extortion on eBay?

Feedback extortion on eBay is a practice carried out by sellers to secure positive feedback and ratings for themselves. It can also happen when an employee of a seller wants to get a positive review from the customer, or when a seller or employee tries to keep negative reviews from being left on eBay.

eBay removing feedback from a seller’s profile

eBay doesn’t remove feedback from a seller’s profile. Only the seller can remove feedback they’ve received. This is because buyers need to be able to trust that their transaction was completed fairly and honestly.

Seeing feedback on eBay Iphone

You can see feedback for your eBay account by looking at your Feedback Profile. To view your Feedback Profile, sign in to eBay and go to My eBay > View My Profile.

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The eBay seller with the most feedback

The eBay seller with the most feedback is not necessarily the most successful one. Sellers should care about their product quality, user reviews and providing good customer service to do well on eBay.

The neutral feedbacks affect eBay rating

Neutral feedback may not be helpful to sellers, but it likely will not affect the seller’s overall eBay rating. Neutral feedback will add to the overall total of feedback a seller has received from customers. However, a seller can have only one feedback rating out of all their scores – either positive or negative.

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