Can’t change quantity on eBay listing?

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If you’ve ever added a product to eBay and later decide that you want to change the quantity, you’re probably not able to do so. In this blog article, I’ll show you how to change the quantity on an existing listing without having to create a new one.

Change The Quantity On Active Ebay Listings

Can’t change quantity on eBay listing?

  • You can’t change the quantity of an item in an eBay auction.
  • It’s against eBay policy and there is only one number of each item up for sale.
  • Bins may hold many different things, but only one is sold at a time in auctions.

People Also Asked:

Can’t change my quantity on eBay

The reason why you can’t change your quantity on eBay is because at the time of listing, one object is up for auction. If there are multiple identical items, they will show directly on the eBay website and be added to the seller’s inventory.

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Can’t change shipping on eBay listing

When you sell an item on eBay, you choose the shipping service and carrier for your listing. When someone buys your item, we pass the shipping cost on to them based on the price of the item, weight and dimensions. Because of this, you can’t change your listing’s shipping information after it is sold. 

Can’t increase my selling limit on eBay

You can’t increase your selling limit on eBay if you’re new to selling. For example, a new seller might be able to sell up to 20 items in the first 30 days, but after that, their limit will be increased to 40 items in a 30-day period as long as they continue to meet eBay’s policies and have a feedback rating of 98% or more.

Editing eBay listing once posted

Editing eBay listing once posted

You can edit eBay listings by changing the price, title, item condition or category. You can also make a listing inactive. If a listing is active, you can add or edit as many photos as you want.

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Canceling my eBay listing at any time

You can cancel your eBay listing at any time. However, you will still be charged for the listing duration even if the listing was ended early.

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Refreshing my eBay listing

To refresh your eBay listing, you must wait until the item receives a bid. If an offer that you have placed is accepted, the item will be immediately refreshed.

Can only list 10 items on eBay

eBay only allows you to list 10 items at a time. This is to help ensure that buyers can easily find what they are looking for, and also helps to keep your listing in the active listings.

Avoiding selling limits on eBay

Sellers can avoid selling limits by creating an eBay business account. Creating a business account allows you to manage multiple accounts and listings with one user ID and password.

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