Can you use WIC online at Walmart?

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We’ve all been given a WIC card at some point and you might be not exactly sure what they are good for. I believe there are two cards that are handed out to people who fall into the “low income” category, but you might be receiving either a WIC coupon or a WIC card based on the state you live in so it’s an important topic to understand. To help you with this, I’ve researched several sources and put them together to explain how can you use WIC online at Walmart.


Can you use WIC online at Walmart?

  • yes you can use WIC online at Walmart the exact way you would use it in person at a store or go through the app on your phone or tablet.
  • You will need to register online and add your personal information and also baby/toddlers information.
  • If you have a valid card and WIC claim form, you can use it that way as well.
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Using WIC on the Walmart app

Using the Walmart app to find items is easy. Choose a category, like Health and Beauty, for example. Then choose what type of item you’re looking for. You can filter your search by size, brand or price point. Once you find an item that you like, just click on it to find out if it’s eligible for WIC.

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Using WIC at self-checkout at Walmart

In order to use WIC at self-checkout at Walmart, you will need a WIC card with your receipt attached or uploaded (purchases are not authorized by the retailer so you must have a receipt to purchase items eligible for matching) – an app barcode reader (if you don’t have an app barcode reader, you can get one free of charge at a Walmart store or online) – WIFI connection – If the items don’t scan properly, ask a cashier for assistance

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Buying formula with WIC on Walmart

You can purchase formula with WIC on Walmart. You need to show a card when you check out to purchase formula.

Walmart taking WIC in MA

Walmart taking WIC in MA

 Walmart does take WIC in Massachusetts. Walmart accepts electronic benefits Transfer cards and can be used at the cash register to pay for your groceries.”

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