Can you trust Shein app?

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There’s been a lot of talk about the Shein app lately. Is it really a scam or is it really made to help women get fashionable clothing at low prices? The site has been around for quite some time now, so I think it’s about time we had an honest discussion about the quality of the products and where to get the best deals.

Trusting Shein app

Can you trust Shein app?

  • Shein app is a good choice if you want to shop online because it doesn’t steal information from credit cards.
  • People from all over the world use the Shein app to order, and they always receive their orders on time.
  • However, there have been some reports about bed bugs and lead contained and generally the quality of Shein clothes.

People Also Asked:

Cancerous Shein products

Shein products are not cancerous, but we take the health and safety of our customers very seriously. If you have questions about our products, please contact us.

Wash clothes from Shein before wearing

Whether you buy your favorite look from Shein or not, it’s important to always wash clothes before wearing them, even if it’s a brand new piece. This will ensure you don’t show up to an interview sweaty from the last time you wore them and generally makes your clothes smell better and last longer.

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Washing toxins out of clothes

Yes, you can wash toxins out of clothes. By washing your clothes in cold or warm water, and adding a few drops of turmeric or Epsom salt to the rinse cycle, you can help to remove chemicals from your clothing.

Controversy over Shein

Controversy over Shein

Shein is a popular clothing retailer in the United States. The controversy over Shein mostly stems from allegations that the company sources its garments from sweatshops, which would contravene US labor laws.

People against Shein

People are so against Shein because they don’t have the same quality of materials and clothing as other brands. Customers don’t like the closures used for their clothing.

Using child labor

Shein has been certified by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) with 0% of its factories found to be using child labor.

Shein clothes having bed bugs

Shein clothes having bed bugs

Many people have reported that Shein clothes have bed bugs. However, I believe most of them are false accusations by competitors and some people who want to get attention. the truth is that Shein products are made in a worldwide factory, so we can not guarantee that those or any other factories for that matter wouldn’t have bed bugs or even ants for example.

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Wearing clothes you just bought online

As long as you love them, it’s always okay to wear clothes you just bought online. Be sure to look for something that fits well, and is comfortable to wear. You can even ask the merchant if they have a return policy in case it doesn’t work out quite right.

Shein cleans clothes

All Shein dresses and clothing undergo a white-glove cleaning process that removes dirt, dust mites, mold and fungus from their fabric. Our commitment to making you feel comfortable and confident is why we recommend washing your Shein clothes in cold water on a gentle cycle with delicate detergent before first use.

Trust Shein website

My experience with Shein clothing is that it’s reliable and they’ve always shipped my items quickly. I’ve had no issues with the quality of any items I’ve purchased and they fit me well as I am plus size. provides a wide range of clothing at extremely affordable prices, and if you sign up for their newsletter you will receive a 10% off code when the new season launches.

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Shein workers treated well

Shein workers are treated very well. SheIn source all production from factories in Europe, Asia and the United States, where workers are guaranteed fair wages, humane treatment and a safe working environment.

Shein owner

SheIn was co-founded by Chris Xu and David Zhang. The good news is that both are still involved in the company today. They’re also very active on social media. You can keep up with SheIn on Instagram and Facebook, where you’ll even find customer service live on Facebook Live from time to time!

Shein has so much stuff

Shein has a huge range of products and suppliers so you get the best deals and variety. The great selection of items at Shein means that you can find something to suit every occasion, whether it be daily wear or that special occasion outfit.

The Dark Truth about SHEIN…

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