Can you return clearance items to Walmart?

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Walmart has some best prices around.​ They also have an excellent return policy: You can return any item, no matter how long you’ve had it, as long as it’s working and not damaged.

Official Walmart Returns Policy

Can you return clearance items to Walmart?

  • yes you can return clearance items to walmart!
  • Clearance items are final sale, but if you got your receipt you can take back your item within 90 days of purchase.
  • If its past your 90 days purchase you don’t have a receipt, just look for the “Packaging & Receipts” page in Walmart’s Return Policy.


Items that Cannot be returned to Walmart

There are some items that cannot be returned to Walmart. These include food products, cosmetic products, seasonal items and holiday decorations. For specific information on return policies, see their Return Policies by reading more on this page.

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Walmart’s policy on returning items

At Walmart you can return most new, unopened items within 90 days of receipt. The exceptions to this rule are certain products such as magazines, newspapers, DVDs and software. You need to ensure you get a receipt from your local store in case you need to return an item after purchasing it online

Walmart clearance meaning

Walmart clearance meaning

Clearance at Walmart means that items have been marked down due to a discontinued product, restocking issue and/or a seasonal change.

Walmart hidden clearance real or not

While it’s true you can find some products on clearance at Walmart that might be hidden, they aren’t actually “hidden.” Instead, they’re located in clearly marked clearance sections around the store.

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The most you can return to Walmart without a receipt

I believe they will only give you the lowest price available if you return something without a receipt. So I wouldn’t try to return anything over $30-40

Walmart knowing what you bought in store

Walmart knows what you bought in-store because they use a variety of methods. The most common method is when you purchase an item using a Walmart credit card and register it on

Returning an item over $50 to Walmart without a receipt

You may be able to return an item purchased at Walmart over $50 without a receipt, but it depends on the store’s policies. You’ll need to speak with a store manager or contact customer service to determine what their return policy is and ask about their approval process for sales over $50.

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Walmart knowing if an item is stolen

The retailer sets up a system in which all items are given unique barcodes that identify them as belonging to a certain customer or store. If you take out an item and try to return it at another Walmart location, when they scan the code, they can see that you already purchased the item elsewhere and know it is stolen.

Walmart reducing clearance

In general, clearance items are discounted by 50% or more off the original price. Rarely, Walmart will reduce a clearance price to 75% or less of the original price. Walmart sales associates can’t tell you how much a clearance item will be reduced by – all clearance prices are determined by stores and vary around the country.




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