Can you buy Shein gift cards in stores?

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Have you already been to the official SheIn website and have been wondering if it is possible to buy Shein gift cards in stores?

How To Buy Shein Gift Card 2022?

Can you buy Shein gift cards in stores?

  • No, there is no store to buy Shein gift cards from it.
  • The only stores, whether physical or online to buy Shein gift cards are Shein itself.
  • To get a gift card for yourself or someone you love, visit the Shein website at

People Also Asked:

Using gift cards on SheIn

You can use gift cards on SheIn. However, we don’t accept them as payment for returns, exchanges or store credit. Please make sure that the gift card is designated for the specific brand or type of item that you’re purchasing. The preferred payment method will display in checkout before shipping.

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Getting a free $750 SheIn gift card

In order to get a free $750 SheIn gift card, simply follow these simple steps: 1) Learn more about the offer on the SheIn website 2) Share this post on your Facebook or Instagram to request your free $750 SheIn gift card 3) If you qualify for the offer, you will be sent a unique link where you can claim your free money.

Get free stuff from SHEIN

You can get free stuff from SHEIN! To do so, simply sign up for our newsletter, then navigate to your account page and click the ‘surveys’ tab. Complete all of the surveys that interest you and earn a chance to win millions of rewards (including cash prizes), every single day.

SheIn gift card

SheIn gift card

SheIn gift card is a prepaid gift card that gives you the freedom to shop where and when you want. Use SheIn gift card to purchase everything you want: formal wear, intimates & swimwear, tops & blouses, jackets & coats, jeans & pants, dresses & skirts and more from our collection.

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Paying on SheIn

You can pay on SheIn using a debit or credit card. The site accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

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Using Apple gift card on SheIn

You can use Apple gift card on SheIn. You are required to present the physical card or an electronic code as a payment method in checkout.

Shein uses PayPal

Shein does use PayPal as a payment method. When making a purchase, you can choose between PayPal and credit card options.

Shein takes cash

Shein is accepting cash on delivery. Make sure to choose the Cash on delievery option while placing your order.

Adding money to Shein wallet

To add money to your Shein wallet, please click on the “Add Money” option in your account and select a payment method.

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