Can you backdate Instagram photos?

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Have you ever wondered if you could go back and change something on your Instagram account? Have you ever made a mistake, deleted a picture or video too soon, or wanted to remove an old post for some unknown reason?


  1. Instagram posts are automatically controlled by center and there is nothing you can do about the post.
  2. The date and time of the publish are fixed the moment they published.
  3. You can just edit the caption and description of your post.

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Change the date of a picture on Instagram

If you have an account on Instagram, you can edit the date of a picture to display the time and date of the new photo. This feature requires that your account is signed in to work. You can edit a picture on Instagram by tapping it and tapping “Edit” (it’s located towards the top right-hand corner of the screen).

Change the timestamp on an Instagram story

There are two ways to change the timestamp on an Instagram story. You can either adjust the date on your phone’s clock or select a specific day from the calendar view. Adjusting the date on your phone’s clock will affect other apps that use the same time stamp, such as Apple Clock and Google Calendar.

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Hide the time posted on Instagram

To hide the time you posted on Instagram, click on your profile icon and then go to “Settings.” Open the tab that says “Timeline and Profile” and change “Show the exact time posts were created” to off. However, this will not remove the time from existing posts, so if you have already published a photo or video with the time showing, it will continue to appear for all of your followers.

Post old photos on Instagram

Post old photos on Instagram

You can post old photos on Instagram. You can also post photos that are not square, but they need to be at least 500 px wide by 500 px tall to be seen on the platform.

Change a photo on Instagram after posting

You can change a photo on Instagram after posting. However, there are some limitations. You will be able to edit the caption, format and crop your photo, but you cannot remove or add content that was added during the original posting.

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Edit multiple photos on Instagram after posting

You can edit multiple photos you’ve already posted by tapping on the photo you’d like to modify in your feed and tapping the pencil icon beside it. You’ll then see a few options for altering the post, such as changing the caption or adding a filter (each of which are things that were previously unavailable when a photo was first posted).

Change the order of multiple pictures on Instagram after 2022

Change the order of multiple pictures on Instagram after 2022

You can’t change the order of multiple pictures on Instagram after 2022. This is still a feature that is only available for individual Instagram accounts. The format that you use to do this, however, is pretty much the same: once you have entered all of the account names and passwords, click “connect now,” and then enter your hashtag in the search bar where it says “add a new post” or “create a slideshow.”

Put a throwback on Instagram

You can’t put a throwback on Instagram. That’s what the app is for.

see someones hidden photos on Instagram

There is a fake photo viewer app that can help you search and view someones hidden photos on Instagram. It’s very easy to use, just download the app and start searching for your target.

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Post to Instagram without it going on News Feed

No, Instagram posts can not be posted without going on the News Feed.

Find the exact time on Instagram

To find the exact time on Instagram, look for the time-stamp in the bottom right corner of your story. The time stamp changes every time you open your story.

Get the blue tick on Instagram 2022

To get a blue tick on Instagram 2022, you need to meet some criteria. Your profile needs to be public, you must have at least 10 followers and 3 posts, and provide your phone number and email address.

Backdate a post on Facebook

You can backdate a post on Facebook. Backdating your post means that the time of your post is not the time it’s posted, but actually the time it was written.

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