Can strangers message you on Telegram?

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Messaging is one of the most popular use cases on Telegram, but many users wonder if they’ll be able to chat with people they don’t know or if such a service will be made available to them. And what about bots? Will you get access to all of their features? Today I’m going to answer all of these questions and more.

Telegram Privacy and Policy Settings

Can strangers message you on Telegram?

  • You can always control the people who can contact you on Telegram.
  • You can choose to allow everyone to message you, only your contacts, or only privacy settings that you created yourself.
  • People who don’t know your phone number can’t message you unless you have a public username or you are in a group with them.
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People Also Asked:

Texting anyone on Telegram

Just click on the username of your contacts and send them a message. If you don’t already have their public username, you can start a group chat with them or add them to your contacts list for future communication.

Limiting who can message you on Telegram

You can easily limit who can message you on Telegram. To do so, go to Settings and then Privacy & Security, where you’ll find options for limiting who can send you messages or calls. You can also manage this from a specific contact’s profile or from any message or call that sends from that contact

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Telegram is really private

Telegram is a private messaging app that promises to keep your conversations and all the data associated with them safely, secure, and free from government snooping.

People see my number on Telegram

People see my number on Telegram

Only contacts you’ve added to your address book as contacts may see your phone number.

Talking to strangers on Telegram

You can safely talk to strangers on Telegram. If a stranger does something you don’t like, you can block them and use the built-in privacy settings to make sure they can never contact you again.

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Telegram is deeply customizable

People use Telegram because it’s fast, secure, and deeply customizable. Chat with groups of up to 5000 people, on phones and tablets, PCs, and Macs. Save your photos, videos, files, and documents so they’re always available on your device or in the cloud.

Adding someone on Telegram without a number

You can add someone on Telegram without knowing their phone number. You need to know the username of the person.

Telegram secret chats

Secret chats are special types of chat sessions that use end-to-end encryption and leave no trace on our servers. They provide a secure way to exchange all sorts of data with other users.”

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