Can someone search you on Hinge?

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So, we’ve all heard of Hinge, the dating app that connects you with people in your social network. It’s sort of like Tinder, but it works on the premise that the people you know are more trustworthy than those you swipe right to. Understandably, most of us wonder whether or not someone can search them on Hinge.

Hinge Dating App Review

Can someone search you on Hinge?

  • Unfortunately, Hinge does not have a search feature.
  • The most you can do to search for someone is see who has already liked your profile.
  • If you want to see who has already liked your profile, there’s an option for that in your settings.

Hinge for hookups

Hinge is good for finding relationships, meeting new people, and making connections. You may also have some long-lasting relationships from using the app but it’s not necessarily a hookup app.

Hinge or Tinder for hookups

Tinder is better for hookups and Hinge is better for relationships, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a dating app.

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Hinge for serious dating

Hinge makes it easy to meet new people and develop meaningful relationships, one connection at a time. If you find someone you want to connect with on Hinge, our free-to-use dating app is optimized for messaging to help you spark conversation.

Hinge for females

Hinge for females

Hinge is a place for women to meet their best friends, longest relationships, and most meaningful matches. We’ll match you with people like you in the places you care about.

Bumble or Hinge

Hinge is better! It’s bigger and more popular. About 40% of our users have found someone they’re exclusively dating in their first month. Bumble recently released a very limited free version that doesn’t meet your needs because it has a low max number of swipes each day and limited conversation options, leading to less matches and significantly fewer dates.

Age group using Hinge

Hinge is the app for college-educated singles and we do have a slightly older average user. Most of our users are in their mid-20s, but it’s not unheard of for Hinge to be mentioned in an editorial about the best first date apps to use between 22–34 years old.

Hinge for everyone

Hinge for everyone

Hinge is best for finding a date, whether you’re looking for a catch-up with friends or a future husband. We also have exclusive benefits such as members-only events, access to local restaurants and bars, and more! Find love by signing up here.

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Popularity of Hinge

Hinge is popular because it’s a fresh alternative to the cluttered dating scene. It lets you connect with people who share your interests — and even helps you find people nearby. The Hinge app gives you 37 questions to answer in your profile, which means each person’s profile is based on real information, not just looks or other superficial traits.

Users of Hinge

Millions of people have joined Hinge. The Hinge app is like Tinder without the spam and bots, in that it only lets you connect with people with whom you have mutual friends on Facebook. What’s great about Hinge is that it shows you who likes you based on your true interests and requirements, rather than just a photo.

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Hinge not for cheating

No, Hinge is not a cheating app. It’s a dating app that matches you to other people in your area.

Hinge algorithm

Hinge’s algorithms are designed to match you with people you’ll like. We show you a few of the most interesting people nearby. If there’s a mutual match, then it’s easy for you to meet and date them.

Searching on Hinge

Searching for people on Hinge is not allowed. There are no such features in Hinge.

Male to female ratio on Hinge

The male-to-female ratio on Hinge is almost 50/50, with a slight edge towards women.

Hinge for older singles

Another great thing about Hinge is that it can be used even for older singles, who are usually past the age of Tinder and other dating apps. When you’re older, you might not want to meet up at a bar or club, or deal with sending flirty messages through the app.

Can You Search For Someone On Hinge?

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