Can Life360 see texts?

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Can Life360 see my text messages? Will they read my personal texts while they monitor my family contacts?

Why You Should STOP Using Life360!

Can Life360 see texts?

  • Life360 cannot read text messages.
  • However, it does have a chat function that allows you to message fellow circle members.
  • If you copy and paste an SMS to another circle member, it will appear on their end as an email or other form of communication other than an SMS.

People Also Asked:

Life360 sees location

Life360 can see where your family members are, in real time. They share the app with their friends and family so that no one needs to remember the plans they made or when they last were seen. You can use this information to help keep a loved one safe.

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Life360 cant read texts

Life360 can not read texts for you. However, Life360 does allow you to see messages sent to someone in your Family Member’s list, favorites and emergency contacts so that you know what is going on with them.

Moms can track location on Life360

Your mom can track your location on Life360, and view your profile details, such as if you have a new baby, who in your family is ill, or how close by friends are. If your child goes missing, she can request a location for the child’s device and share that information with law enforcement or family members to help find him.

Privacy is respected on Life360

Privacy is respected on Life360

Life360 allows you to share your location with friends and family, but your privacy is always respected. We do not store your real-time location, nor does Life360 have access to your entire history.

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Delete history on Life360

To delete your activity from Life360, simply tap on the arrow in the top right hand corner and select “History”. Then tap the box on the left of each day’s time for which you’d like to delete data and click “Delete”. This will delete just those days from your History rather than from all of your Life360 history.”

Life360 an invasion of privacy

Life360 is a great app to help you stay connected to the people in your life, and keep tabs on their whereabouts. However, some users may find it too invasive or worry about their privacy.

If you text and drive

If Life360 detects that you are texting while driving, the app will alert your family and friends to inform them of your possible dangerous situation.

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Admins on Life360

Admins can do a lot of things to manage the app and its settings. They can: Manage family profiles, create new family members, invite people to join the family, assign parents to different families, set geofence boundaries, set up shared schedules and drive routes in one centralized location, add notes or comments to keep everyone informed of what’s happening Life 360 , use geolocation to see where everyone is located at any given moment.

Ghost mode on Life360

With Ghost Mode on Life360, you can hide your location from certain people. You can control which people or groups see your locations and decide when to turn this feature on and off. Give it a try!

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