Can I use SmartPick on Zoosk?

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If you are on this page, you must be wondering ‘Can I use SmartPick on Zoosk?’. This is the most frequently asked question we get at MySmartPick, and the answer to it is ‘Yes. You can, in fact use SmartPick for Zoosk.’

How Does Zoosk Work – Beginner’s Guide

Can I use SmartPick on Zoosk?

  • Yes, you can use SmartPick on Zoosk.
  • This feature assesses compatibility between all members, and improves as more users respond to the survey.
  • The more you choose “X” and “heart” votes, the better it gets at matching you with compatible people.

People Also Asked:

A heart message on Zoosk

A heart message on Zoosk is a way of telling someone they’ve popped into your mind, or you’re thinking of them in that moment. It can also be interpreted as interest in a first date situation.

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When someone wants to meet you on Zoosk

If someone wants to meet you on Zoosk, they’re into you! When someone likes your profile or message, we’ll let them know you want to meet them, too. To get that ball rolling, just reply and hit “Meet up.”

Likes on Zoosk

When you like someone on Zoosk, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll like you back. It simply makes them aware of your interest. We’ll send the person a push notification letting them know that you like them, and if they return the like within 3 days, you’ll get matched!

Sending a message on Zoosk

Sending a message on Zoosk

Sending a message on Zoosk is easy! When you see someone you’re interested in, press the grey button beneath their profile photo to send them a message. You can also send messages through the chat window for users who were recently active on your page.

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A good first message on Zoosk

First messages on Zoosk should be short and sweet. Don’t be overly flirtatious or use long paragraphs. Keep it simple, thoughtful and respectful.

When you hit maybe on Zoosk

Maybe will indicate that you are unsure about matching with that person, as opposed to complete dismissal.

Not getting any messages on Zoosk

You may not be getting any messages because there aren’t many quality matches in your area and/or you haven’t connected with any people yet. It takes time to meet new people, so try inviting some suggested friends and messaging them if they accept.

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The difference between a smiley face and a heart on Zoosk

The heart is a more romantic, flirtatious symbol (think “Happy Valentine’s Day”), while a smiley face conveys interest rather than romance.

Boost is worth it on Zoosk

Boosts on Zoosk are actually a great way to meet people who match you and increase your chances of an actual conversation. On average, people see a 150% spike in messages when they use Boosts on Zoosk.

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