Can I send offers to watchers on eBay?

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Are you wondering if you can send offers to watchers on eBay? The answer is yes. Follow the above steps to find out when you can make offers and when you can’t.

How to Send Offers to Watchers on eBay!

Can I send offers to watchers on eBay?

  • Yes, you can send offers to watchers on eBay.
  • To do so, select Active under Seller Hub, then select Send Offers – Eligible. Select all the listings that you want to make an offer on, and then choose Offer details.
  • After selecting the percentage off discount and including a message, click Offer; this will take you to a dialog box where you can choose Send offers.
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People Also Asked:

Send offers to Watchers

You can send one offer to a Watcher per month. If the item sells, the item will be marked as Sold and you will not be able to send additional offers until the next monthly cycle.

Sending a private offer to a buyer on eBay

Once you’ve found a buyer on eBay, you can send them a private offer to purchase their item. You can do this by clicking ‘send private offer’ on the listing page when visiting their page during the listing period.

Send an offer to a watcher

You can instantly send an offer to a buyer who has been watching your listing by tapping “send offer” on the watch screen and typing the amount you’re offering.

eBay notifies watchers of offers

eBay notifies watchers of offers

eBay sends email notifications to the watchers of your listing, including if you it with an offer. Wathcers receive notice immediately after an offer has been submitted and at least 24 hours prior to the close of the auction. If a buyer makes a qualifying offer on your item, all watchers will receive email notification that it is being reviewed.

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eBay watchers usually bid

eBay watchers only bid if the item is currently on auction. They do not place bids as a result of watching an item.

Buyers can see how many watchers are on eBay

Buyers can see the number of watchers on an item and how many people have favorited it. Some buyers only watch an item and do not bid, but some buyers are in the habit of watching many items and bidding on the ones that suit them best.

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Watchers meaning on eBay

Watchers means those people who are watching your listing and may buy your item. The number of watchers is the number of times a buyer has viewed your listing.

Can’t send offers on Ebay

You can’t send offers on eBay because you haven’t met the required standard for sending offers. This is to protect both buyers and sellers from scams like fake listings that offer cheap prices for expert sellers, who often have great feedback.

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