Can I change my profile photo on Bumble?

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  • Yes, Go to your profile.
  • Then, choose Edit profile.
  • Drag any of your photos to the top spot in the profile preview by dragging them there. This photo will be seen as your profile photo.

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People Also Asked:

Why can’t I delete a photo on Bumble?

You can’t delete a photo on Bumble because it’s possible that your profile will get reactivated after you delete it. If this happens, the photo would still be on our servers and visible to other users. Make sure you’re sure before deleting!

Does Bumble change order of pictures?

Bumble does not change the order of the pictures you upload. While we cannot control the way other users choose to swipe or chat with each other, we believe that Bumble is a place where you can feel safe and empowered.

How do I allow access to bumble photos?

Navigate to your profile and hover over the box with your photo. Click on “Edit Settings” and select “Allow access.”

Why can't my apps access my photos?

Why can’t my apps access my photos?

Your apps can’t access your photos right now because you’re either running out of storage space, or you have Android 9 Pie installed. 

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What’s wrong with the Bumble app?

Nothing is wrong with the app. It’s just that the majority of users enjoy the experience of having a conversation, and don’t want to be judged by those they may have thought they would like.

What does it mean if my Bumble account has been moderated?

Your photo was probably moderated for one of the following reasons if it was: Your image has explicit material. You’re dressed in underwear or swimsuit. In a pool or beach scene, swimwear is OK, however bathroom mirror selfies or similar activities are not permitted. The person in your photo is under 18 and is by themself.

Why did Bumble ban mirror selfies?

Why did Bumble ban mirror selfies?

Bumble banned mirror selfies, but it’s for a good reason: The feature allowed predatory behavior. Be upfront with those you meet online and steer clear from giving out personal information that can be used to track, stalk or harass you.

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Is Bumble any good for guys?

Bumble is great for guys! The only thing to think about is that, unlike Tinder and other apps, Bumble requires you to message first. So it might feel a bit different than your old routine. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be glad you switched over.

Can you post shirtless pics on Bumble?

No, you cannot post a shirtless picture on Bumble. It’s not in the spirit of what we’re about.

How do I edit my profile on Bumble?

How do I edit my profile on Bumble?

To edit your profile, you first need to open your profile. Next, click on the bubble icon in the top left corner. This will take you to your settings page, where you can update any of your account information.

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Can you have two Bumble accounts?

You can use many Bumble modes simultaneously and have distinct profiles for each mode, yes.

Is Bumble a hookup app?

Although many people use apps like Tinder and Bumble to find a quick hookup, there are also plenty of people who use the app as a way to meet potential partners. In this guide, I’ll help you decide if you should use Bumble as a hookup app, or if it’s best suited to finding relationships.

Is hinge better than Bumble?

Bumble and hinge will both give you the same experience in terms of functionality. But in terms of user experience, it all depends on how you use it. Bumble’s interface is more intuitive, whereas Hinge has a bit more to it.

How many pictures can you have on Bumble?

Six photographs are allowed for your profile on Bumble.

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