Can I block someone off of Life360?

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Life360 is a great application that helps you keep track of the important people in your life. It’s like a virtual community of friends, family, and coworkers that help keep you safe and connected. Maybe you want to block someone off Life360. Is Life360 able to prevent someone from tracking me?

How to Delete a Member on Life360 Account | Life360 Delete User | 2021

Can I block someone off of Life360?

  • Yes, you can block someone on Life360 by going to their profile and tapping ‘Block’.
  • When you block a friend or family member, they will no longer be able to see your location on the map, even if they have the app on.
  • If you changed your mind, head to their page and tap unblock to connect again within Life360.

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Someone’s location not updating on Life360

When someone’s location is not updated on Life360, it could be for a few reasons. The most common cause is that the GPS on their phone is turned off. Secondly, they may be in a spot with limited cell service and unable to communicate with Life360 servers to check-in. Finally, there are times when a user needs to re-enter their location.

When my phone is off

It is possible that you may see your last location with the phone off. If the phone was on when it went in an area where we don’t receive any signals, we can still show you where it was based on the last time it checked-in before going silent.

My daughter’s Life360 not working

Your daughter’s Life360 device is not working because it is unable to connect with our servers.

The green dot means on Life360

The green dot means on Life360

The green dot means that you are seen on Life360. The green dot lets you and your loved ones know where everyone is, even if location sharing is turned off. To see the green dot, you have to turn Location Sharing on in Life360 for iPhone or Android.

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Removing someone from a Life360 group

You can remove someone from a Life360 group. Click the “Removing Someone” link on that person’s profile, select the reason and then confirm by clicking “Remove.” Once you confirm, they will no longer be part of that group. 

All Life360 can see

Life360 can see where your family members are, but they cannot see the actual texts that they send or receive. The app can only access the location information and share it with the people you allow to help you keep up with your family’s whereabouts.

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Deleting driving history on Life360

You cannot delete your driving history on Life360. All of your driving history will be visible to you, as well as other members of your household. The only way to delete a specific trip is by removing it from the timeline.

Life360 notifies others when you leave a circle

Life360 notifies others when you leave a circle, but only if they have the app and have enabled notifications.

Knowing if someone removed you on Life360

If you cannot access the profile of someone in your Life360 app, it typically means that they removed you from their list of contacts. If this happens, you’ll see a notification when opening the app.

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