Are Walmart tires good?

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Walmart patch tires, sell them and install it for you. But are Walmart tires good? Should you buy them? read more to find your answer in this page.

Are Walmart Douglas Tires any good?

Are Walmart tires good?

  • Yes Walmart tires are pretty good.
  • You can find some of the highest rated tires on the market at Walmart.
  • but there are some things to consider before buying them.
  • The first thing is the brand. Check out several brands before you settle on one of them.
  • Another thing to look for the wheels you want for your car are available in a Walmart tire.

Tires from Walmart are made cheaper

There are many factors that affect the price of tires, including the type and size of your vehicle, weather, and distance. You can also find a comparison of competing tire manufacturers online to help you get the best deal on tires from Walmart.

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Walmart’s tire brand

Walmart is no stranger to tire sales. The company’s own brand of tires, called Great Value, are available at Walmart locations in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Walmart tires are not expensive

Walmart tires are not expensive. Walmart tires are budget-friendly, high performance tires that have a long tread life and are made for a variety of vehicles.

When you buy tires at Walmart they install it for free

When you buy tires at Walmart they install it for free

Walmart will install your tires for free at the Walmart Tire & Lube Express while you shop inside. They have all your tire needs in one place and can mount, balance, and rotate them.

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Walmart tires being the same

Walmart tires are made by many different companies and the brand name of the tires doesn’t have anything to do with whether it is a good tire or not.

Walmart tire mounting and balancing fee

You can find Walmart tire mounting and balancing prices on the website. To view the price of your tires and any applicable fees, please visit

Returning tires to Walmart

You can return tires to Walmart. To be eligible for your refund or exchange, you need to have a receipt and the tire must be unused, with all packaging intact and original labels attached.

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Walmart having lifetime warranty on tires

Walmart does not offer lifetime warranty on tires. Purchase a tire game plan with the purchase of four or more new tires at Walmart. This program provides four years of coverage on all four tires (up to 40% off the cost of replacement)

Walmart fixing tire holes

Walmart does fix tire holes. Tire repair kits are available in-store for $10. You can also purchase a tire plug kit for about $5.

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