Are there more girls than guys on Hinge?

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Are there more girls than guys on Hinge? You joined a dating app to find women in your area. You see some hot male profiles, but you’re wondering if theres more girls than guys on Hinge. We’ll show you how to tell.

Hinge Dating App Review 2021

Are there more girls than guys on Hinge?

  • No, like every other dating app in the world, there are more guys than girls on Hinge.
  • 59 percent of Hinge users are guys, and the rest of them are girls.
  • However, compared to Bumble or OkCupid, Hinge has way more female users because Hinge is different from them and attracts a different kinds of people.

People Also Asked:

Hinge and Tinder differ from each other

Hinge and Tinder are both dating apps, but Hinge emphasizes relationships over hookups. That’s not to say that you won’t meet people who aren’t looking for love with Hinge, but it may be tougher, as the app only shows users profiles of friends-of-friends. Furthermore, Hinge has no nudity or sexually explicit content, so your profile won’t be flagged by other users who may dislike those images or photos on their timelines.

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Hinge a cheating app

Some people think Hinge is a dating app that encourages cheating because of its unique rating system. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The only way to get a better rating is to find someone you truly like and who feels the same way about you.

Hinge is known for

Hinge is known for being a different type of dating app. You can communicate with matches privately before deciding if you want to meet them.

Telling if someone is on Hinge

Telling if someone is on Hinge

If you think someone is on Hinge, it’s easy to check. Just tap their profile and scroll down to their bios. If they list Hinge as a dating app they use, then this means they are on our app. If you both show up as matching on Hinge and Tinder, then you will be able to see each others profiles.

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Guys prefer Hinge to Bumble

The cool thing about Hinge is that it’s designed to give guys a say in who they match with, so they can be pickier with their selections. Hinge also lets you see mutual friends, which gives you an awesome ice-breaker in terms of finding something you have in common on the app.

The percentage of men on Hinge

Almost 60 percent of the people on Hinge are men.

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40 is not too old for Hinge

40 is not too old to use Hinge. And it’s actually better to use it when your age is over 40. Because then you’ll see that you have more in common with people your age, who have been through the same experiences as you – and that too at the same time, when the world was at its prime.

The demographic using Hinge

The app has a 60/40 split between men and women, with the average age being mid-20’s to mid-30’s. There are over 1.5 million people using Hinge in North America and we continue to grow at a pretty fast pace.”

Hinge seeing your screenshot

Hinge doesn’t see when you screenshot on Hinge, Hinge only sees what you post on your profile, and that’s it!


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